Building in Montana since 1989

We really appreciate your commitment to your client and the work you provide. We expected a bill for the re-working of the shower and we are surprised not to have received one. Please know that you are our contractor of choice for any further work!


Lyle and Lonnie Cunningham









We started our own kitchen addition but were unable to finish it ourselves. Greg jumped right in to our project and organized every detail. He helped us design and order the cabinets, and choose appliances and fixtures. He scheduled the subcontractors including the plumbing, electrical, drywall, painting and flooring.


When the our addition was ready for the new cabinets, Greg installed everything himself and organized the appliance installation as well.


Greg did all our trim work and didn't leave until everything was complete and in working order. We love our new kitchen and would highly recommend Greg.


Tim and Sonia Malsom





Greg built our home during February-October, 2007. Being natural pessimists, we expected a lot of problems with the process. Looking back, we had very few problems due to Greg's expertise and excellent relationships with his subcontractors. Were we to build again, we would not hesitate a moment to go with Greg. We feel we ended up with a high quality home and will recommend Greg to anyone.


Dick and Anne Jewell









My wife and I think Greg Schatz did a fantastic job of building our retirement home. It’s beautiful and we were particularly impressed with the quality of workmanship and attention to detail each of his carpenters demonstrated. All of his subcontractors were also extremely efficient and dependable.  Greg scheduled the various subcontractors in a timely fashion and communicated with us either by phone or the internet on a daily basis. After we moved into our new home a few little things occurred which were under warranty and to be expected in building a new home. Greg promptly contacted the subcontractors responsible and the problems were corrected.


Greg is pleasant to work with, he is honest, and can be depended upon to find the best possible materials and workers at a reasonable price. I highly recommend him to build your home.


Ross Doty





Dear Greg,

Turner and I are proud to recommend you and your people as excellent and dependable builders. You understand quality as well as the constraints of price.


Thank you for what you've done to help us.


Very truly yours,


Nan Askew






Greg Schatz is wonderful to work with!

His job sites are organized, clean and safe. Greg takes great pride in his craftsmanship, which makes working with him pleasure.

Greg thinks the project all the way through - considering what the homeowner wants, what the subcontractor needs to perform his aspect of work, and how changes during construction will impact subcontractors. He is always looking for the most cost effective way to achieve a home of the highest quality. I always look forward to working on a home built by Greg!


Tim Greenwood

Owner of Greenwood Masonry Construction, Whitefish, MT.


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